PLATEFIT, the first Wellness Fitness Brand. We cultivate transformation and whole body wellness through the science of vibration. Signature 27 minute PLATEFIT classes heal and recover muscles, strengthen and elongate the body, detoxify the system, and help you vibrate higher. Vibration training is more than physical fitness, it’s a way to better health: stronger bodies, stronger bones, brighter more glowing skin, and better sleep. We utilize the science of vibration to wake up your cells, increase circulation, drain & detoxify the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation, and accelerate recovery time. The body’s response to vibration increases serotonin & HGH and reduces cortisol— leaving you feeling high and living more vibrantly. We believe in whole body wellness through vibration. How do you raise your vibe?

The Science

PLATEFIT classes use medical grade devices that utilize rapid harmonic vibration — a unique means of destabilizing the body. This destabilization forces reflexive, subconscious neuromuscular action, in both muscular and connective tissue, in order to re-balance the body and maintain stability. The plates are always moving three directions at once: left to right, front to back, up and down. The vibration activates your muscle reflexes, and during our workout classes, muscles are contracting 30 to 50 times per second — roughly 900 – 1,500 contractions every 30 seconds

Strength and Power
Muscle toning
Increases endurance
Increases metabolic demand
Increases serotonin
Increases bone density
Increases metabolism
Increases fat loss

Cellulite and Recover
Creates LYMPHATIC flush
Improves and increases blood flow to strengthen the cardiovascular system
Decreases cortisol levels
Increases HGH

Range of Motion
Increased flexibility
Improved muscle communication
Increased balance and coordination

Platefit Studios

Erewhon Member Benefit

New Clients Enjoy Two Weeks of Complimentary Unlimited Classes



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