PLATEFIT was designed with you in mind. The workout was developed for you to accomplish your goals and see results quickly, while having fun!



After ten years of training clients in her private Power Plate studio in West Hollywood, Rachael Blumberg decided to open the doors to PLATEFIT and fulfill her dream of offering this heart-pumping, full-body toning, no-nonsense workout to the public.

As a life long athlete and fitness lover, Rachael was inspired to help men and women feel good and look good in their bodies by creating a class both fun and effective.

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“I love that the Power Plate is a medical device. It’s backed by research/development and science. The results are real! Combined with my signature workout, clients get results. They love how they feel and look. I love pushing people out of their comfort zones. Seeing their faces after they accomplish the class gives me such joy! Knowing they pushed themselves, got stronger and leave feeling better than when they walked in. That’s why I do what I do. I also love that the class is 27 minutes. Being a working mother, 27 minutes allows me to get in, get FIT and get moving with my day.”