"You didn't come this far to have only come this far." And also..."Yibambe!" ("Hold fast!" in Xhosa)

Tiffany McFadden


Miami, Florida

Tiffany’s first introduction to the arts was in dance, with a foundation in Latin Ballroom and Tap. A former boxing instructor, she has a love of blending it into her fitness regiments. She is also a Breast Cancer survivor, with a deep understanding of injuries and the recovery it takes toward getting back to your tip-top shape.

“My teaching style is unique, as it is with all of our trainers. We all bring something different to the table. With me, you will be in understanding and encouraging hands, as I will always push you toward going past your comfort zone. If it’s not challenging you, it isn’t changing you. That’s the tone of each of my classes. My strength is definitely understanding injuries, working through them and around them. Never be afraid to ask for a modification. It’s a small step toward the big reward – getting stronger.”

3 Unknown facts: Used to compete in a girls’ barbershop quartet, I can play all things percussion, and I can speak conversational Brazilian Portuguese. Bonus fact: Almost became a general surgeon. (Might still go through with it one day).

Favorite PLATEFIT move: Double-Band Walks (it’s a killer!)
Favorite PLATEFIT class: It’s a tie between Bootcamp & Recovery
Favorite way to #RaiseYourVibe: Singing, dancing, writing and acting! Anything creative!
Link to favorite playlist: https://www.steadymixes.com/backtothe90sbassedition/