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Michelle Serje


Colombiana / Dominicana

Michelle has 3 years teaching fitness and barre in different studios around Los Angeles! Starting dancing tap, jazz, ballet, point, hiphop at the age of 6 and has not stopped! Graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre and Communication and emphasis on movement, she focuses on workouts that break the barriers of your standard exercise. Michelle is an Actor and Comedian and performs regularly with an improv troupe as well as creating her own sketches that have a commentary on life. Michelle has pure passion and enthusiasm with a personality that is filled with humor and joy which she reflects in her teaching. Her spirited nature and fiery personality has her helping others think differently in order to push beyond their boundaries.

Three Unknown facts about Michelle:
1. She is Colombian and Dominican and speaks fluent Spanish as it was her first language
2. She USED to be able to solve the Rubik’s cube (hasn’t tried in a year lets put her to the test!)
3. Plants are her children.

Michelle’s favorite platefit move is any squat movement involving a grey band (Big Butt Big M00D!)
Favorite platefit class is Barrefit of course!
Favorite way to #RaiseYourVibe is getting to know all the teachers, taking their different classes!
And Michelle’s favorite playlist is any Jazzy Latin acoustic playlist on Spotify! She is excited to assist people in reaching their own personal physical and mental strength!