When you focus on problems, you’ll have more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you’ll have more opportunities

Adam Huss



Adam Huss has been a personal trainer for the last ten years. In fact, he met Rachel when he was first training over at TRAIN/LYFT gym in Weho and she was teaching platefit on one machine inside the gym there. And that is how he started this beautiful new relationship with teaching PLATEFIT classes today! His focus has always been on building lean muscle mass and core strength, so the benefits you get from training on a platefit machine fit right in with what he believes it takes to reach your peak fitness goals!

Favorite Platefit move
Can’t pick just one! Anything that targets the abs/core!

Favorite Platefit class

3 unknown facts about you
I’m an actor through and through and will always be! I was teased immensely growing up for being chunky! I LOVE horror movies!

Favorite way to #RaisetheVibe
I love making sure we target and hone in on that body part we are mainly hitting with each exercise. I love to mention what it is we are hitting so we think about it while we are raising up that intensity level. Never want to just be doing something to do it. Has to have focus to change it! A good lesson for life too!