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Adam Bucci


Los Angeles, California

I have a dance background so I really love to use the music as a tool when teaching. I also like to give everyone attention and do parts of the workout beside them to push them and motivate them! I make sure everyone is comfortable with each exercise and in proper form. If you’re in my class I’m going to make sure you’re sweating for every minute of it and having fun!

Favorite Platefit move
Jump squats!

Favorite Platefit class
I love warrior fit. That extra 15 minutes is KILLER! In a good way of course

3 unknown facts about you
1. I’m a huge horror movie nerd.
2. I’m a painter— visit my page @smalltown_weirdo on instagram to see my hand painted denim jackets and canvas bags inspired by my love of all things quirky and horror!
3. I used to be in an African dance company based out of Philly!

Link to your class playlist (or any playlist you may have that represents you)
As long as there’s a good beat I’m happy! I’m a sucker for good Britney remix. I mean who isn’t? right??

Favorite way to #RaisetheVibe
Adding a band around your legs to maximize that burning feeling!