“If it don’t hurt it don’t work. Sit in the pain long enough and you’ll see who you truly are.“

Matt Day


San Francisco, CA

Matthew Day grew up in a small suburb just outside of San Francisco. Being raised in such a politically charged and artistically free environment, Matthew learned to walk to the beat of his own drum as well as strive to always lead with a positive and motivating energy. At the age of 22 Matthew moved to Los Angels CA to pursue his dreams of being a professional dancer. After seven years of gig working Matthew has accomplished every dance dream he has set out for becoming one of the industries most working male dancers. Though He had a strong work ethic seven years ago when he came into the industry he believes after working for artists such as Jenifer Lopez, Beyonce, Ricky Martin and many others his level of dedication to self growth has only grown to an all time high. Matthew is excited and hope to allow that same spirit of hard work to over flow into his clients as he now takes on the fitness industry.