"Brave girl, promise me, you will not shrink yourself in order to make others feel comfortable."

Katrina Rosita


Chicago Suburbs

Katrina is a professional dancer/actress originally from the suburbs of Chicago. Started dancing at the age of 3, she continued her dance education (in addition to marketing) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee receiving a BA from the Peck School of Arts and Lubar School of Business. She officially moved out to LA in 2014 after graduating to follow her dreams and path in the entertainment industry as a dancer and actress. This LA journey led her into the fitness world after booking a job as a cast member in a Beachbody fitness program in 2017. Since then, her love for movement and the positive impact it has on our lives has grown deeper. She has a passion to always continue learning more about what living a healthy lifestyle means to her and hoping to inspire others to live theirs.