Trainer Bio

I played sports throughout my childhood and continued throughout college. Even though I didn’t have any teaching experience before PLATEFIT, I’ve had some amazing coaches throughout my volleyball career that kicked my butt and pushed me to my limits, testing my mental strength in addition to my physical strength, I played volleyball at Pfeiffer University in North Carolina and Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, CA where I graduated in 2018. My teaching style consists of strength and conditioning circuits, great music, and high, motivational energy, just like all of volleyball coaches! I would say that my strengths include pushing clients while giving them motivation that they can do anything in under 30 minutes. I think that my music and personal energy makes my class different. I think that with every teacher you get a different vibe and personality, which makes PLATEFIT so great!!.

Favorite Motivational Quote

“I’ve grown not from victories but from setbacks. If winning is God’s reward, then losing is how He teaches us.”

- Serena Williams

Favorite PLATEFIT move

Lunging in the TRX and then you jump and drive the knee up. Feels like you’re flying!!

Favorite PLATEFIT class

BarreFIT! I’m not a dancer by any means so this class definitely pushes me and makes me feel like the dancer I’ve always wanted to be!

3 unknown facts abut me

I can watch The Office, Vanderpump Rules and Bob’s Burgers all day everyday!
I’m a huge Saints fan! #WhoDatNation...Come on, I was born and raised in Louisiana I have to represent 🙂
Prince is my all time favorite artist ever

Link to my favorite class playlist
Favorite Way to #RaisetheVibe

Taking a PLATEFIT class then RecoveryFIT right after!